About Us

Great, amazing, and sometimes newsworthy things happen around us every minute of every day.

MoPho allows the entire world to become an amateur/professional photographer or news gatherer, and make money from it.

We believe if you shoot a picture or video, and it ends up anywhere (a magazine, newspaper, tv show or blog/website etc), you should get paid … it’s that simple.

Our revolutionary app allows us to quickly match the right content with the right buyers, giving your content the best chance to make you money from anyone who uses it.

MoPho will share the sales commission 70/30, which means if we accept and sell your content for $100 you get $70 … MoPho keeps $30.

MoPho users can make anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds or even thousands.

Its as easy as…

1. Shoot photos/take video
2. Upload it via MoPho
3. We sell it and pay you a commission

Happy shooting!

The MoPho Team